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France is certainly a country of luxury, with Italy, England and Spain. The industrial sector recorded a growth of 20% per year. The outlook remains positive for the coming years, despite the general economic conditions. China is the largest market for luxury but French companies have difficulties to breathe and retain their culture of enterprise among young professionals trained locally.

Université Paris-Dauphine aims to train young professionals to the major French companies in the luxury sector to meet growing demand for young Asian and European professionals trained in French universities will recruit. 

The program trains young professionals to apply to careers in support and sales as there are major opportunities in the luxury sector. Selected students are discrete personalities. They are elegant and highly educated artistically. They will receive multidisciplinary training to grasp the complexity of the luxury industry. They will develop a solid understanding of customer psychology and cultivate great interpersonal skills.

The Master helps students to develop a culture of arts and acquire a solid understanding of the luxury sector and its specificities :

  • Artistic dimension of the luxury industry based on history of European art along with Asian art movements ;
  • Luxury consumer behavior and sociology ;
  • Specific operation management and logistics ;
  • Human resource management and customized customer relationship ;
  • Brand identity management.