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Park Hyatt Paris – Vendôme – The French Excellence

19 September 2015
“Caring for details: that is what luxury is all about”, stated Alessandro Cresta, Park Hyatt Paris – Vendôme hotel manager, during the conference given to the students of the Master 207 last June.

Pricing Strategy – Travel Shopper and Middlemen

28 August 2015
Chanel cut price in Asia on 17th April to standardize prices on three of its best-known handbags, which is distinct to the global luxury goods price rising trend in the last 30 years, and lead to a price-cut trend among luxury brands.

éclectic : the High-Tech garnment

28 August 2015
Eclectic marque de prêt – à – porter pour homme relève le défi d’une harmonie entre la technicité des matériaux et l’élégance de la coupe à travers les vestes et les manteaux confectionnés dans le respect de la fabrication traditionnelle.

Hermès opening a new "Maison" in Shanghai

26 August 2015
In 2014, the 5th Maison (Flagship store) of Hermès in Shanghai is opened after Paris, New York, Tokyo and Seoul, which symbolize a unique encounter between a “l’art de vivre à la française”, and a dynamic life of Shanghai.Hermès decided to open its 5th Maison after its success in Plaza 66 and to further improve its bespoke reputation among the...

Maison Shang Xia : Where Chinese tradition meets contemporary luxury

26 August 2015
Founded in 2008 by Jiang Qiong Er, artistic director and CEO of Maison SHANG XIA, is a brand for the art of living, who sell luxury furniture, jewelry and fashion accessories, the brand has 3 unique stores: Paris, Shanghai & Beijing.

Caudalie and the asian market development

26 August 2015
[Translate to English:] La marque française de cosmétique, Caudalie, nous a ouvert ses portes au cœur du quartier de Central à Hong Kong. Nous avons été plongés pendant quelques heures dans l’univers fascinant de la Maison familiale grâce à la directrice régionale Asie Pacifique, Cécile Ossola.

ICICLE : When Shanghai meets Paris

26 August 2015
During our visiting trip in china, we had the chance to visit a Chinese local brand ICICLE’s head office in ShanghaiICICLE is not the traditional Chinese brand that usually features in cheap price and mass-production. On the contrary, it is very innovative and quality-oriented in design and product development. It is China’s first...

TimeVallée Project Consulting, Nanjing: The presentation in Paris

26 August 2015
 Following our visit of the TimeVallée boutique in Nanjing, during our study tour in China with Mr. Denis Darpy and Mrs. Arielle Monnerot-Dumaine, we had the opportunity to meet with the TimeVallée Project Manager also International Distribution Director, Mr. Renaud Littré. The aim of this consulting project was to make recommendations...

How luxury brands deal with heritage and past?

26 August 2015
Luxury brands use the past, from the organizational level of the company to all links with customers.At an organizational level, luxury houses have different types of management or organizations and departments that help preserving the heritage but also maintaining or reinforcing their attachment to the past. In terms of products, name and...

Audemars Piguet : l’Horlogerie d’Exception

26 August 2015
C’est au sein de la Vallée du Joux, berceau historique de la Haute Horlogerie Suisse, que se trouve la Manufacture Audemars Piguet. C’est ici et plus précisément dans la commune du Brassus, que les premières générations d’horlogers perfectionnent leur art pour offrir au monde de nombreuses pièces et innovations d’exception. Fort de ses 140 ans...

The importance of retail travel shopping : the DFS group

26 August 2015
On the occasion of our study tour in China, we had the opportunity to meet, the Global Talent Acquisition Manager and the VP of Global HR.DFS Group, the world’s leading luxury travel retailer, was founded in 1960 by Mr. Robert Miller and Mr. Charles Feeney. It offers quality merchandise and a seamless shopping experience in its Airports stores and...

Atelier Cologne in Asia

18 August 2015
Part of Master 207 project, an analysis of Atelier Cologne development in Asia

Why are Chinese mainlanders shopping in Hong Kong?

18 August 2015
According to a survey published in 2014, 84.2% visitors to Hong Kong come from mainland China, which represent one third of total retail sales in HK. On the one hand, they have brought an optimistic impact by boosting the economy in HK, while on the other hand the disorder caused by the huge flow of mainland shoppers have discontented the fellow...


13 August 2015
What do you expect of the Chinese clothes production? Probably cheap materials, low quality, poor labor conditions…What we saw during our one-day visit to EP headquarters was far away from all these stereotypes.


13 August 2015
La lutte anti corruption, et son effet sur le marché du luxe, est un sujet qui a été abordé à de nombreuses reprises lors du voyage d’études à Hong Kong et Shanghai.

Dubaï Mall : the largest luxury mall in the world

12 August 2015
Lieu incontournable du paysage urbain dubaiote, il représente à merveille toute la démesure de Dubaï. Que vous soyez des accros du shopping, que vous ayez envie de vous divertir ou de vous promener, le Dubaï Mall répond à toutes les envies.Un large panel d’activités est proposé dans l’enceinte de ce gigantesque mall : environ 1200 magasins,...

2015 Master 207 Study Tour

29 June 2015
The Master 207 students visited key players in the Asian luxury market from April 30th to May 10th.